"We trust in Mexico and in our labour"

In our eagerness to contribute to the development of our country, we perform responsible actions which involve important problems recently identified in Mexico.


  • The campaign for children’s vision moves forward

  • Consorcio Aristos concerned about the development of children, today August 16th; 2016, together with Presforza and “Pollito Suzu” continued with the campaign for children’s vision, which aims to help children to have better eye health by means of an eye exam and with eyeglasses donation. This time the beneficiaries were the employees’ children. The youngest ones were pleased for this action and for the presence of our friend and ambassador “Pollito Suzu”, who hung out with each one of them.

  • Iztapalapa Delegation – Karting Track Project

  • Consorcio Aristos promotes, as social work, sport in general. That is why on this occasion Consorcio Aristos helps with the rebuilding and adequacy of the karting track in “Cuitláhuac Park”, area recovered for the amusement and road safety education in the future for children and young people, as support to Iztapalapa Delegation.

  • Sight Campaign for children

  • In México, three out of four school failures are related to poor vision, 20% of school-age children need some kind of visual support because a child who needs glasses and doesn´t have them, will not be able to develop completely. Consorcio Aristos, concerned about this problem, created the “Chick Suzú” campaign, which aims to identify sight problems through an eye exam and then to donate glasses to children.

    We have helped more than 700 children…and we go for more!!!


  • Mexico is among the 10 countries with the highest number of deaths due to traffic accidents. There are around 24,000 deaths per year according to CONAPRA (National Council for the Prevention of Accidents), of which a third part is between 15 and 29 years old. Road education should be corrected and taught at an early age, that is why Consorcio Aristos along with other institutions created “Safe Circuit”, interactive and permanent exhibition at Papalote Museo del Niño, which aims to teach and to promote the best road behaviours since childhood as pedestrians, cyclists/motorcyclists, drivers and even as race drivers, by means of electronical and mechanical simulators.

  • Know and support the FIA ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY campaign.

    Recalling that each of us has a responsibility to other drivers, FIA promotes 10 Golden Rules to drive safety, as part of the “ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY” campaign.

    Together we can save lives!

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    10 reglas de oro FIA Action Road Safety Consorcio Aristos


  • Mexico has the first place in obesity and the second one in child obesity, physical activities are left behind in our country, so Consorcio Aristos supports sport activities which purpose is to promote a healthy life.

  • • CMERI (Municipal Equine Therapy and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center)

  • Consorcio Aristos joins the initiative of the Municipal DIF of Puebla which has implemented the Municipal Equine Therapy and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, the first one in its kind nationwide in which horse is used as a therapeutic instrument trying to benefit more than 77 thousand people in the city, besides the population from Puebla and Tlaxcala.

    Thinking of the population with less resources, Consorcio Aristos brings to DIF-Puebla, the construction project that its company Alfa Proveedores y Contratistas developed, in which stables, covered paddock, open paddock, kiosk, guardhouse, corridors, gardens, parking lot, services facilities and infrastructure were contemplated in order to make these therapies more reachable to the sectors that need them.