• Biogas Flaring.

  • Consorcio Aristos collaborates with the conservation of the environment through its company RESA. 86 thousand 343 tons of daily garbage are collected all around the country, this waste generates greenhouse gases which excessively, pollute the ozone layer, RESA prevents this biogas from going into the atmosphere by using the extraction system and biogas flaring as the one it owns at Chiltepeque landfill, preventing further damage to the atmosphere. RESA also continues with the vision of taking advantage of this natural resource (biogas) in order to generate clean energy.

  • CHANGING LIVES First Place awarded by the UN.

  • In a contest organized by the UN, in which the participants had to show in a video how the good management of the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Project (which RESA registered to the UN) has changed life in their community, RESA got the first place, on translating the proper management of the Landfill besides the biogas generation through solid waste. This award was delivered during the Climate Change Conference COP19 in Warsaw, chaired by the General Executive Secretary of UNFCCC Christiana Figueres, who congratulated the General Director of the company RESA and the Media Director, producer of this video.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY CERTIFICATE by the Federal Attorney for environmental protection ( PROFEPA)

  • Always at the forefront and supporting the environment, we take care of our processes and endorse them with the corresponding rules, this time it is RESA´s turn to receive the Environmental Quality Certificate which guarantees the quality of the services it offers to the Municipality of Puebla as well as to the citizenship, reiterating the commitment to improve the services it operates in the country. .