• Consorcio Aristos is formed by companies that work in the Industrial and Infrastructure sector and as a consortium we are looking forward to serve in the development of Mexico.


  • Year 1955

    The company was born on May 2nd with the former name of Bienes Raíces Binar S.A., when Mexico was starting following the path of modernity in the mid-fifties.

  • Year 1960

    A few years later Bienes Raíces Binar S.A. disappears making way to Consorcio Aristos with an ambitious investment program which would include the registration of its shares on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

  • Year 1963

    The Company joins the Civil Engineering Construction of urban residential and industrial infrastructure by means of Alfa Proveedores y Contratistas S.A. de C.V., which had a sound and rapid growth due to its total quality, innovative and high degree of complexity projects, in addition to punctual deliveries to its clients.

  • Year 1995

    RESA emerges as a solution to the need to meet the management and disposal of solid waste in Mexico, settled as such from July 14th, 1995.

  • Year 1998

    Torres, Estructuras Y Postes S.A. de C.V. (TEPSA) was born in order to satisfy the industrial sector, offering a number of divisions in the metal mechanic sector.

  • Year 2014

    Consorcio Aristos participates in projects of social responsibility for kids and young people, sponsoring sport events which promote family life, and supporting Mexican talent abroad.


Our main office is located at Av. Revolución N. 528, Col. San Pedro de los PInos, Mexico D.F.