Jean Todt from FIA congratulates Consorcio Aristos!!!

Jean Todt, President of the International Automobile Federation, visits Mexicable in Ecatepec and congratulates Consorcio Aristos for the construction and contribution of this innovative, alternate public transportation. “Having access to these new and innovative modes of transportation will definitely reduce the number of victims on the roadways”, declares Jean Todt, who is also a great promotor of the FIA Action for Road Safety Campaign.

In his visit to this cable railway station located in Ecatepec, State of México, he took a tour in a cabin cable car, on which he also wrote down his autograph.

The campaign for children’s vision moves forward

Consorcio Aristos concerned about the development of children, today August 16th; 2016, together with Presforza and “Pollito Suzu” continued with the campaign for children’s vision, which aims to help children to have better eye health by means of an eye exam and with eyeglasses donation.

This time the beneficiaries were the employees’ children. The youngest ones were pleased for this action and for the presence of our friend and ambassador “Pollito Suzu”, who hung out with each one of them.

RESA gets the Environmental Quality Certificate by the Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

Last July 11th; 2015, Rellenos Sanitarios was awarded the ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY CERTIFICATE that PROFECO gives to socially responsible companies which care about avoiding environmental damage.


The Certificate as Clean Industry, awarded by the PROFEPA Delegation in Puebla, guarantees the quality in the services that RESA offers to the Community of Puebla as well as to the citizenship, reaffirming the commitment to improvement in the Landfills it operates in the country.

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International Quality Summit Prize at the BID Quality Convention in New York.

Rellenos Sanitarios RESA S.A. de C.V. won the International Quality Summit Award - Diamond category in New York, in the presence of leaders and representatives of 49 countries at the International Quality Summit Convention. This prestigious award is a recognition of the business excellence and innovation. The convention celebrates the quality in business and operations, the award winners demonstrated commitment to the criteria of the TQM QC100 Model, which strengthen customer satisfaction and cost efficiency in all areas of operation.

The award was received by Architect Edgar Jiménez Soria and Architect José Luis García Tehuitzil who mentioned that “…the Company has made great progress not only in its sector but also throughout the Mexican Republic. We celebrate this year and last year’s achievements with this award, continuing our commitment to the quality of our services and processes.”

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RESA participates jointly with San Martin Ecological Department and Mundo Verde Ecological Group for the environment in the municipality of San Martin Texmelucan, the actions from May 2nd to 7th consisted in planting trees in order to encourage the preservation of the environment...

This vegetation will provide oxygen to the atmosphere as well as the carbon dioxide absorption and the control of temperature and humidity.

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Atlixcayotl 485 road node

Governor Rafael Moreno Valle along with Mayor Luis Banck Serrato inaugurates the Road node “Atlixcayotl 485”, the governor highlighted in his speech that a work with this complexity was performed within a “record time”, since it was completed in only six months by Alfa Proveedores y Contratistas.

The work will bring great benefits to citizens because it will increase the traffic flow from 1,800 to 3,600 vehicles per hour, and it will have 6 crosswalks to facilitate the pedestrian movement, in the same way, it will foster the reduction of the environmental, hearing and visual pollution through the traffic control devices which consider the removal of public space barriers.

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Lieberman Award

Once more the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC, for its Spanish abbreviation) performed the delivery of the Lieberman Award for the Best Construction Work 2013, gala where ALFA PROVEEDORES Y CONTRATISTAS, proud company of Consorcio Aristos, was awarded with the third place in the category of Great and Giant Enterprises.

The great job performed by the Construction Company Alfa Proveedores y Contratistas, obtained the recognition for the great construction work which is part of the Puebla Government and which was planned by A. Federico Bautista Acosta, Centro Integral de Servicios (CIS for its Spanish abbreviation).

The construction work was inaugurated on the 13th of January of 2013 by The Constitutional Governor of the State of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, and it benefits all the citizens who demand a procedure and/or a service, by providing them with an effective centralized site.

Construction Works like this one, display the sustainability, extraordinary creativity and high quality which are handled in the company to satisfy the needs of all our clients.

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In memory of the idol of Guamuchil and in remembrance that he was an inhabitant in Cuajimalpa, Pedro Infante National Cultural Center was built in the open area of the delegation with an investment of a little more than 15 million pesos.

During the opening, Adrián Rubalcava, chief of the mayoralty highlighted that with this cultural center he practically concludes the works in his management.

Accompanied by Lupita Infante, Yolanda Montes “Tongolele”, Laura León, Rogelio Guerra, among other entertainment personalities, the functionary pointed out that the construction of the facilities is first rate and it also has a museum where Pedro Infante’s personal belongings as well as costumes used in the films Pepe el Toro, A toda Máquina, Tizoc and Los Tres Huastecos, will be exhibited.

When it was Lupita Infante’s turn to speak, she pointed out that Pedro Infante Cultural Center, is the first one built in the whole country with the target of bringing new generations closer to the idol of Mexico through different activities such as music, movies and acting, since singing, painting and body language workshops among others will be given.

Besides, she continued, this museum has two movie theaters and the audience will be able to enjoy the idol of Mexico’s pictures. She emphasized that for her father, Cuajimalpa was the best loved zone in the City of Mexico since in this borough, the actor built the house where he lived his last years. She added that, this property had everything he needed in such a way that he didn´t have to leave the house, including swimming pool, cinema, hairdresser’s shop, gym, carpentry workshop and several outdoor spaces.

Prior to the opening, at the open area of the borough, the International Motorcyclists Federation offered an acrobatics show to delight the people present, those who since early waited for the opening of this cultural center while they enjoyed a musical mosaic and regional dances, accompanied by Pedro Infante´s immortalized songs.

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The Governor of Mexico City, Eruviel Ávila, gave the concession title to the company responsible for the construction and operation of Mexicable in Ecatepec, cableway which will connect the top of San Andrés de la Cañada, in the Sierra of Guadalupe, with Morelos route. This cableway is expected to start operating in the first trimester next year.

The municipality of Ecatepec, which is the largest and the most populous in the country with approximately three million inhabitants, will be the first one to have this type of transportation system, which will move, from the top of San Andrés de la Cañada as far as Morelos route, more than three thousand people per hour, benefiting 300 thousand inhabitants in the area.

When giving the concession to Mexiteleférico Company, the governor of the state stood out that this work will enable the State of México to keep positioning itself as the most accessible entity and as the largest infrastructure entity regarding mass transportation and road infrastructure in the whole country, with modern, fast, innovative, safe and accessible to the public transports.

He said that the Mexicable in the Sierra de Guadalupe will interconnect with other means of transportation, such as Mexibus line 4, which will run from Indios Verdes to Tecámac stations, going through Tlalnepantla and Ecatepec stations.

“The cableway will be one of its kind at national level and it will provide an effective, ecological and free of topographic obstacles service to benefit six thousand people per hour, three thousand in each direction, generating advantages for the inhabitants of this region, such as less pollution because it will use electrical energy as fuel, and it will implement solar power generators, reducing over 17 thousand tons of carbon dioxide” he stated.

He informed that the Works of this Project will start by the end of February, with an investment of over 1,228 million pesos, out of which 768 million pesos will be given by the government of the state and 460 million pesos by the private initiative.

The Mexicable will run along 4.8 kilometres at a height of between 30 and 40 meters; it will consist of seven stations, two terminals and five intermediate stations, which will be connected by 190 cabins, with a transportation capacity of 10 persons each.

The Mexicable will reduce the travel times from 45 to 17 minutes, which will make possible to increase the labour productivity and the familiar life; it will also contribute to improve the security in the zone, offering a safe mean of transportation and a lighting and vigilance enclosure all around its infrastructure; it will increase the competitiveness and productivity, by generating 300 direct employments during the construction time and 40 permanent ones for its operation; besides the tourist development of the region will be activated.

This transportation system is already used in Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, The United States and some countries in Europe.

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